At Plumbtrax we pride ourselves and are committed to providing all our customers with a reliable & quality service, which far exceeds all our competitors. When you call our friendly service team, we send you a highly skilled and licensed Plumber, leaving you with a quality job & more importantly saving you time and money.

10 Reasons to choose Plumbtrax Plumbers over our competitors:

1. Have you checked your Plumber is licensed and registered? Plumbtrax Plumbers are

2. Have you checked your Plumber has various methods for payment, i.e, credit card EFT? Plumbtrax offers these services

3. Is your Plumber attending, have a good appearance, in uniform, polite when asked questions? Plumbtrax Plumbers are

4. Is your Plumber accredited to the highest standard in occupational health and safety, environmental control, quality assurance? Plumbtrax Plumbers are

5. Is your Plumber attending site with most parts and material stocked in the vehicles? Plumbtrax vehicles are

6. Does your Plumber explain the job process and any implications before proceeding without consent? Plumbtrax Plumbers do

7. Does your Plumber have all the latest equipment and tools on board? Plumbtrax Plumbers do

8. Does your Plumber offer free, no obligation quotes? Plumbtrax Plumbers do

9. Does your Plumber offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee? Plumbtrax plumbers do

10. Does your Plumber guarantee their workmanship and products installed? Plumbtrax Plumbers do


Melbourne Plumbers

Plumbtrax cover all of Metropolitan Melbourne & the state of Victoria providing services that include:


  • General & Maintenance Plumbing
  • Sewer & stormwater drainage
  • Blocked sewer & stormwater drains
  • Hot water installations & repairs
  • Burst pipes
  • Leak detection
  • CCTV drain camera inspections
  • Fire services & Fire protection
  • All aspects of Roofing
  • Gas Fitting
  • Bathroom & Kitchen renovations
  • Rain water tanks & rain water harvesting below or above ground
  • Grey water diversion systems
  • Green Plumbing & Water saving devices
  • Limited & bulk Excavations


Our 10 Point Safety Inspection:

1. Have you had your household checked for leaking taps, garden taps, shower heads, PTR valves, toilet cisterns?

2. Have you had your household checked for roof leaks, broken tiles, lifted roof sheets, rusted gutters?

3. Have you had your household checked for rusted roof sheets, blocked gutters, rusted or blocked downpipes?

4. Have you had your household checked for blocked sewer drains, tree root intrusion, cracked pipework, collapsed drains?

5. Have you had your household checked for blocked stormwater drains, tree root intrusion, cracked pipework, collapsed drains?

6. Have you had your household checked for faulty appliances, hot water system, heater, dishwasher, evap cooler?

7. When was the last time your hot water service was serviced?

8. When was the last time your rain water tank and pump were serviced?

9. Are all your safety shut-off valves in working order, when was the last time they were serviced or checked?

10. Are you happy with what you are being charged for your water, gas rates, Is there an issue with the property services, contributing to these bills being high?

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