Summit Drv Bulleen

Plumbtrax Infrastructure Services were engaged by Manningham City Council for the major construction of a Stormwater Detention System within the Road Reserve in Summit Drv Bulleen, the works comprised the following:
  • Major Traffic Management implementation, Pedestrian Management & partial road closures
  • Design & Construction of custom pre-cast culvert systems, sealed & acting as the Detention System, each module weighing in at 2tonne
  • Construction of Triple & Double Grated Side Entry Pits to Manningham Standards
  • Construction & diversion of concrete drainage lines 150mm- 450mm
  • Bulk Excavation works for Detention System
  • Concrete Construction, Kerb & Channel
  • Re-instatement of Road Pavement, Compaction & testing
The new works have improved storm water flooding to adjacent properties, due to the existing easement drain being undersized & inaccessible for upgrade, storm water flows are retained in the new detention system and slowly released into the out fall drain.