Project Details:

Commencement: September, 2017 Completion: December, 2017

Project involved the following:

Plumbtrax has been engaged by City of Greater Dandenong for the construction of a new drainage system through road reserve & private property/ easement, the works comprise the following:

  • Construction of grated pits, junction pits & SEP’s 1m- 3m depths, sizes from 900×600- 2mx2m, installation of HD covers
  • Implementation of Traffic Management plan, road closures & diversion within the affected area over 10 streets
  • Water management & de-watering implementation
  • Excavation around live main services, gas, water, optics, power
  • Compaction of road reserves & re-instatement of asphalt roadways
  • Re-instatement of private property & easements
  • Implementation of EMP, QMS & OH&S systems
  • Construction & installation of concrete pipes, class 4 450mm, 525mm, 750mm
  • Connection of ex drainage system

Fully Accredited Safety

Plumbtrax implements an Integrated Management System to ensure compliance & safety to our staff & clients